Loans on assets or secured loans are a kind of loan granted to an individual or a company with the use of their existing valuable properties such as real estate, machinery, jewelry, etc. as collateral to secure payments. The credit company that is securing the loan does not take ownership of the asset or collateral but uses this as a guarantee that payments will be made. However, once payments are missed the company has every right to seize the asset. Just like any other types of loans, a loan on assets or a secured loan has its own set of advantages. These advantages are both beneficial to the lenders and creditors. Here are the advantages of loans on assets:


This is a big advantage for lenders as they have a security and an assurance that the borrower or the creditor would pay off the loan. With this, the lender would not lose any profit. Late or missed payments from hardheaded borrowers could be very stressful to the lenders but with an asset loan, this could be easily dismissed or ignored because there is collateral that they could use.

Easy Application

If you are a small company or a simple individual who need to get a loan right away, you could use get this kind of loan. There are lending companies that are willing to take on your situation without asking for too many documents or checking on your credit history. As long as you have a valuable property or asset like cars or homes that is under your name, you could easily secure this loan.

Poor Credit History

Whether it is a company or an individual, loans on assets are usually used by those with poor credit rating. People with poor credit score or no credit history are often denied by many banks or big financial institutions to secure a loan. Since some lending companies disregard the credit history for someone to qualify for a loan on asset, this could quicken the process.


It is important that you could afford the loan plus its interest rate. With an asset loan, your loan is approximately or around the value of your collateral or asset. You are discouraged to secure a loan that is much higher than the market value of the asset. This secure loan provides you with flexibility and greater possibility of paying off your loan on time. Choose a company that is specialized in giving loans on assets. Also your friends or acquaintances for recommendations.