Canada Financial Services understands the complexity of starting a new business.

Banks may be hesitant to give you a loan, perhaps they don’t find your idea compelling enough or distinctive or maybe you have insufficient credit. Well forget about them, we’ll provide you with the funds you need regardless of what your idea is or credit records. Our company will provide you with the funds in order to meet your daily business operations and services.

Business Loans

Our loans are designed specifically for each business owner’s needs and requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting a small business or purchasing a business. Let us help you with your finances so you can focus on branding, marketing and product quality.

Why focus on the small things when you can plan ahead and develop the vital aspects of your company?! Canada Financial Services has your back and we will do our best to assist you.

Small Business loan benefits:

  • Up to 25 year amortization plan
  • Absolutely no hidden fees
  • Flexible payments
  • Up to $25,000 line of credit
  • The money is yours to purchase whatever your business requires.

Planning your start up:

  • Stocking inventory
  • Updating equipment
  • Acquiring business consultancy services
  • Expansion of your current premises

Canada Financial Services provided loans to thousands of Canadian citizens with a 97% approval rate. Our loan processes are simple and secure which is why we are one of the leading loan providers in our market.


let us make your ideas and dreams a reality.