Instant approval loans are ideal for emergencies and people with bad credit or no credit status. These bad or no credit instant approval loans typically come in the form of payday loans, personal loans, and signature loans. These various loan types may have different terms and conditions based on such factors as state policies, borrower’s current conditions or some differences in lending company policies. The common ground here is, whether you are applying for a personal loan, a signature loan or a payday loan, you will be assured to receive your money within 24 hours. This method is a convenient option for the individuals who are denied loans due to bad credit scores.

Payday Loans

Payday or cash advance loans can be easy approved within one day. A payday loan can be a quick access to funds or a solution for any financial problem that a person may encounter. You can even apply for these loans online, which saves time and travel costs. The requirements are to be a U.S. citizen, eighteen years of age, maintain an active checking account, and be able to provide proof of identity and income.

Signature Loans

Another instant approval type for those who need fast cash is the signature loan. The only difference between a signature and payday loan are the payment terms: a signature loan will give you more time to repay the debt rather than the money being deducted out of your bank account each paycheck. Loan amounts range from around $250 to $500.

Personal Loans

WWhether you are facing a family emergency, budget shortage or any form of financial problem, getting a personal loan is usually the best option. Applications for these loans can be submitted online, and the funds are automatically sent to your checking account once approved. Please keep in mind, these loans are provided to those with good-great credit, and very few lending institutions offer them to people with bad credit.